How to prevent outside faucets from freezing and breaking!

Garden hoses We always recommend disconnecting the hose for the faucet or hose bib! […]

Garden hoses

We always recommend disconnecting the hose for the faucet or hose bib! If you leave the hose attached, this could lead to compounding issues. With the result of repairs and extra costs.

Know if your faucet is frost-free.

The hose is disconnected if you have an old-style boiler drain. One option is to shut off the water supply on that particular bib, but only if it has shut off. if you have this hose bib type, you can upgrade to a half-turn frost-free silcocks with an integral vacuum breaker. Which may require a plumber and extra installation costs. You can buy a Vacuum break threaded connection that will screw on. Much cheaper and easy-to-install option.

Sillcocks or Hose bibs – Stay Frost-free with a vacuum breaker.

A frost-free sillcock with an integral vacuum breaker may water supplies to it year-round without freezing or breaking. When you or a plumber installs them correctly will drain out and prevent freezing over the winter months. If it is not installed correctly, it too can and will break due to the water left inside.

Winterizing Hose bibs

Once again, if you have a standard Silcock, hose bib or boiler drain. The water supply needs to be turned off, and the value needs to be opened to drain the water. So that the water within the supply pipe or the water in the value (Silcock, hose bib and boiler drain) does not freeze.

Should I buy and install insulated Faucet covers?

Do not trust them to work to stop your hose bibs from freezing.  They are better than doing nothing at all, and you may get lucky, and they will keep the freezing air off your hose bib so that it does not freeze or break.  We do not recommend using them.  Always use and install the right products for the job.

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