Ready to inspect your townhouse?

Providing You With Comprehensive, Factual Information

A town home inspec­tion is an impar­tial objec­tive assess­ment of the inter­nal sys­tems and struc­ture of a town home, with par­tic­u­lar atten­tion to any safety con­cerns for you and your fam­ily. Town houses do not pass or fail a home inspection

We Issue a Comprehensive Digital Report

Each inves­tiga­tive home inspection is followed up with a com­pre­hen­sive digital report on the current state of the home. This includes nar­ra­tive details supported with images that give a complete picture of each res­i­dence for home buyers or sellers.

We inspect each residence using technical investigation tools

  • Moisture Detectors

  • Gas Detection

  • Elec­tri­cal Testers

  • Thermal imaging Camera

  • Dig­i­tal Camera

  • Infrared Ther­mome­ter

The areas checked during an inspection

  • Lot grading & drainage
  • Gas DetectionGarage & carport
  • Exterior walls, windows & doors
  • Porches, decks & handrails
  • Roofing, gutters, chimneys & skylights
  • Attic ventilation & insulation
  • Plumbing system
  • Interior walls, ceilings & floors
  • Kitchen & bathrooms
  • Laundry facilities
  • Basement & crawl space
  • Foundation & Structure
  • Heating system & fireplaces
  • Electrical system